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  Git: apply patches


Retrieve changes from a remote "working clone" of a project to your local development machine

On remote "working clone" ...

where you've done some changes to be recovered, procede as follows:

  1. Move changes to be recovered to a work branch, and commit them:
git stash
git checkout -b dirty
git stash apply

git add .
git commit -m "my new nice changes"
  1. Check the id of the new commit:
$ git log --oneline
eddc3c6 (HEAD -> dirty) my new nice changes
  1. Build a single patch file referring to the specific commit:
git format-patch -o patches/ -1 eddc3c6


git format-patch -o patches/ -1 HEAD
  1. Sent it to the developer:

or download from development machine via rsync:

rsync -a --rsync-path="sudo rsync" master@host:/home/project/project/patches .
  1. Later (after the changes have been integrated in the main project), you might want to cleanup your working clone:
git checkout master
git branch -D dirty
rm -fr ./patches

On your development machine ...

Apply the changes:

$ git am patches/0001-retrieve_avatars-fixes.patch

Note that, as a result of applying the patch, the changes have already been committed to your working branch:

$ git log --oneline
de4ccec (HEAD -> master) my new nice changes