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  How to Install Node.js and NPM on a Mac

Install node with homebrew:

brew install node

To see if Node is installed:

node -v

To see if NPM is installed:

npm -v

How to Update Node and NPM

brew update
brew upgrade node

How to Uninstall Node and NPM

brew uninstall node

Hot to use

Then in your project you can finally populate node_modules from package.json as follows:

npm install

How to Install Sass compiler on a Mac

Check if ruby is available:

ruby -v

If not, install it:

brew install ruby

Install Sass:

sudo gem install sass

In case of SSL error "SSL Error When installing rubygems, Unable to pull data from '", try this:

sudo gem sources -r
sudo gem sources -a

the again:

sudo gem install sass

Eventuale aggiornamento dei requirements:

pip install -r requirements/development.txt